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Nextcloud with CardDav

Do you search for a good quality Nextcloud service with GDPR? NextFiles is a high quality , hight privacy german based cloud provider, a fast and secure Nextcloud service in a German data center with ISO 27001 certification.

Easily share files: Individual files or folders can be shared with selected individuals across Nextcloud accounts, or with anyone via a simple URL link, with the sender having a great deal of control over the process. They can, for example, set an expiry date for the link, require a password to open the sent file, attach a note, and so on. The Circles app allows fine-grained sharing among custom groups. Calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks: The web interface offers calendar, contacts, notes, and task apps. Calendars can be easily synced with all mobile devices using the WebCAL framework.

A major component that makes NextCloud a viable Dropbox alternative is large file support. For those using cloud storage for personal files, LFS may not be deemed a very important issue. Although for teams and businesses, particularly those who work with large multimedia files, having large file support is crucial. Having the ability to sync and transfer large files with no limitations to any other team member is invaluable. A Self Hosted Cloud Storage Solution: Upon first glance, NextCloud makes its open source license visible to users. An open source license states that the source code of the application can be used, modified and/or redistributed which depends upon the terms and conditions. To some, this may be irrelevant, yet to others a huge sigh of relief. Perhaps one of the biggest draws to using NextCloud is having the flexibility of private hosting. Because of this, not only do you gain full control over your data but it also becomes more secure in doing so. Additionally, NextCloud allows read/write permissions between users on a server, and will automatically encrypt all files that are synced. If you’re ready to deploy a NextCloud server, simply follow the link below. Otherwise, continue reading for more information on the main features and user interface.

The desktop app for Windows, macOS and Linux creates a Nextcloud folder which syncs all files placed in it across all devices configured to use your Nextcloud account. You can choose which folders get synced and ask for confirmation before uploading files over a specified size. In Windows (but not macOS and Linux) you can right-click on files in the Nextcloud folder to share them. Other than that, the desktop app is very similar on all platforms. Nextcloud’s more advanced features are available via the web interface. The exact features which are available very much depend on which apps you (or whoever has admin access for your account) have installed.

You will receive the original Nextcloud CE version in the latest release (stable release). We take care of the technology and the updates. Our offers also include the free use of online document processing onlyOffice CE Edition. The cloud is technically designed for the occasional single user, but we do not have a software limitation on users and you can set up more users at any time. Optionally, you may use your own existing (sub-) domain with the cloud or register with us. Thus, the cloud can be reached at https://your.domain.com The Nextcloud Calendar and Contacts apps allow you to store, sync and share your plans and contacts. You can share with users or groups on your server or sync the calendar or contacts with your devices and access them wherever you are. The Calendar and Contacts app feature: Easy to use interface, Private and shared calendars and addressbooks with permissions management, CalDAV and CardDAV sync with third party clients both on mobile and desktop (i.e with Thunderbird). Read extra details at OnlyOffice Nextcloud.