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JustCBD Signature Vape Cartridges (northern light) review

In this article I’ll be reviewing ultra JustCBD Signature
Vape Cartridges, CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Gummies Jar, CBD Ultra Relief Pain

CBD for its immense health benefits is increasingly gaining
attention among healthcare authorities. CBD is derived directly from the hemp
plant -a relative of marijuana. Before CBD, THC has been the protagonist in the
field of medicine for its effectiveness in the treatment of a lot of diseases.
However, its use has to be extremely regulated because of its psychoactive
effects. Even slight overdose can get the user stoned. Considering such
effects, marijuana is illegal in most parts of the world except for medical

The discovery of CBD allowed the people to easily avail the
health benefits especially the calming effects of cannabis without getting
high. Although some states in the US do not permit trading CBD in the open
market, it is now commonly consumed in most other parts of the country. Not
only in the US CBD has seen growing demand across the globe.


In this article I’ll be reviewing ultra JustCBD gummies jar 1000
mg, Signature Vape Cartridges (pineapple express), CBD Oil Tinctures (coconut
CBD oil tincture), vegan gummies (strawberry champagne).

CBD is mostly confused with THC for its association with
marijuana. However, despite being kin to each other, the two are quite
different. CBD is now the second most famous and widely consumed cannabinoid
obtained from cannabis. Cannabis is grown in a wide variety but the two of its types
that produce CBD are marijuana and hemp.

Marijuana gained the most prominence for the abundance of
THC that it contains as THC forms about 10 to 35% of the total cannabinoid content
obtained from its flowers. THC is a potent chemical that is involved in the
treatment of various ailments including depression, anxiety, chronic pain,
insomnia, and a lot others. However, it has a high psychoactive effect which
can instantly get you stoned. That’s why despite the positive health benefits,
marijuana is illegal around the world.

Contrary to that, CBD is completely legal, healthy and does
not get you high. It is mainly obtained from hemp which contains this chemical
in a large amount while it has a very limited THC content – 0.3% hardly. It is
also used for ensuring better appetite and sleep quality, bosting mood, relieving
stress and anxiety, counteracting depression, and relieving pain.

Our body naturally produces various cannabinoids that are
associated with several bodily functions. The purpose of CBD is to interact
with those cannabinoids and enhance their effects.


About JustCBD

With the advent and legalization of CBD, we saw the
emergence of a number of companies -genuine and scam. With increasing demands, competition
and profit potentials, people aggressively jumped down to its dealings, trying
to make the maximum out of it, regardless of ‘how’ -either good or bad.

Therefore, it became quite difficult to differentiate
between genuine and false claimers. Hussein Rakine rightly sensed the situation,
decided to take control. He considers CBD to be nature’s gift to human beings and
aims to unveil its healthy uses to the world. To make this believe a reality,
he did all that he could and indeed succeeded. JustCBD – his brainchild – is
the result of his hard work and dedication.

The company offers some of the most reliable and high-quality
CBD products. JustCBD is famous all over the country for its extensive product
lines and exceptional production standards. At JustCBD you’ll find everything
from CBD edibles to topicals and bath bomb, making it a one-stop CBD solution.

JustCBD has also been featured in various publications,
including The
, Cleveland,
and Kansas

JustCBD is a brand formed with the sole purpose of
highlighting the health benefits of CBD and clear away the mud thrown at it.
Hussein Rakine is the man behind the brand. He came up with the idea of the
brand when people were trying to misuse CBD and were creating confusions about
it. He wanted to give people the purest and the most genuine form of CBD as given
to us by the mother nature.

In an interview with Forbes, Rakine stated that they are
constantly improving their production methods to come up with the best outcome
for their consumers. He claimed to have the most extensive CBD product
offerings with over 300 stock-keeping units that are constantly working to
improve consumer experience.

Apart from Forbes, JustCBD has also been featured in several
other publications including SanFrancisco
, Salt Lake,
and The
Daily Dot

JustCBD CBD product Reviews

JustCBD Signature Vape Cartridges -Northern Lights

Vape cartridges are one of the newest and the most unique ways
to consume CBD. Not every one prefers using oil tinctures and topicals. They
encourage vapers to attain a healthy lifestyle in their own way.

JustCBD vape cartridges are available many flavors but their
signature cartridges have three flavors – pineapple express, sour diesel and
northern lights. I got Northern Lights for this review and believe me when I
say that its flavor was even more exciting than its name.

The flavor is a mix of spicy and sweet, which is an
excellent depiction of its name. The idea of Northern lights brings a
combination of various exciting colors to mind that bring calmness and
pleasure. And that’s exactly what the flavor does.

Having 200 mg of CBD complemented by the pleasurable flavor,
I had already started to feel calmer with just two puffs within 10 minutes. The
effect grew stronger overtime and lasted for about 1-3 hours. During this time,
I felt more relaxed and focused, which really helped me deal with the work stress
and I felt less exhausted by the end of the day.

This vape juice is composed of CBD oil, broad spectrum hemp,
vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and terpenes. Needless to say, CBD oil is
the major constituent of this product, which his responsible for most of its
health benefits. The broad-spectrum hemp extract is another major component that
caries variety of health-improving agents like phytochemicals, and cannabinoids.
According to experts, broad-spectrum extracts are more beneficial than CBD

Terpenes are natural compounds added for taste and aroma. These
are naturally found in cannabis and are responsible for their specific flavors like
earthy, nutty, coffee, etc. Moreover, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin
are added for smooth and thicker smoke and to enhance the smoking sensation.

JustCBD Signature Vape Cartridges -Pineapple Extract

Taking tinctures and topicals might not be every ones’ thing
-for instance, some advanced vapers. To cater to their CBD needs, JustCBD has
brought some amazing vape juices. One of its signature vape cartridges is
Pineapple Express. And yes, it is as tropical as it sounds.

This is a go-to flavor for beginners and a must-try for
those advanced vapors who are looking for an enjoyable change. The flavor has
been hand-crafted with the idea of beautiful and exotic islands of Hawaii. True
to its inspiration, the flavor took me into a completely calmed and relaxed
state of mind and body, relieving me from all the tension and stress. I
preferred taking it after work, while retrieving in my couch for relaxation and
clearing my mind for a peaceful night sleep. Here is one of the many good parts,
its effect remains for about 1-3 hours, which saved me from frequent short

Apart from the calming effect, this vape juice also has some
pain-relieving effects -which is not surprising because of its CBD content. Since,
I wasn’t going through any sort of physical pain during this time, I cannot
guarantee that.

The ingredients as provided on the packaging of Pineapple
Express are broad-spectrum hemp, CBD oil, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin,
and terpenes. From my experience and a little research, JustCBD is the only CBD
brand using broad-spectrum hemp extract, which means they are packed with extra
benefits than others that contain CBD isolates. The glycerin and glycol are
added to ensure thick and smooth smoke that give the perfect feeling of tobacco-smoking.
Moreover, it is GMO and pesticide free.

Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

JustCBD’s Hep Seed oil is
one of the purest oils I have come across so far. It is free of harmful
chemicals and synthetic ingredients that might impose dangerous side effects in
long run. In fact, it is only composed of natural hemp seed oil and
broad-spectrum CBD.

Both of these ingredients
are loaded with health benefits when consumed in the right amount. Hemp seed
oil caries a variety of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are necessary
for good health. Whereas, broad-spectrum CBD is known for its calming
properties that relax your mind and body.

And I really felt this
calming effect as the oil processed its way through my body. the day I decided
to try it actually turned out to be a little tough at work, which really put me
off for this review. But then I decided to go with it anyway. All it took were
two drops and 20 minutes to calm my mind and eventually my body. The other day
I took it an hour before sleeping, although I usually do not have trouble with
sleeping, but did elevate my sleep quality and I felt fresher in the morning.

These oil bottles are
available in sizes ranging from 50-1500 mg. I got 550 mg and I’d suggest you
take a small bottle and try out its effects on your system before jumping to a
bigger one. One thing I like about these bottles is that I can easily carry
them around in my bag.

You can consume the Hemp Seed Oil directly or mixed with
food. Since it had a slightly earthy taste, I tried consuming it in both ways.
When taking directly, use the droplet to place two drops under your tongue. You
can also combine it with food like cookies, shakes, etc. I mixed it with shakes
and orange juice.