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Top event management program list

Best event management application list? MeetingHand is a comprehensive and user-friendly online event management platform that covers all aspects of event organizing. From managing registrations, marketing, abstracts and uploads, bookings, payments and budgets to creating your very own website, mobile app and more, MeetingHand features a host of tools to optimize your event management experience.

Boomset provides check-in, on-demand badge printing and guest list management system. It allows facial recognition check-in and tracking attendees with RFID-enabled wristbands. Using badges and wristbands, attendees can even purchase merchandise, meals, drinks during events. If you’d like to add a fast check-in tool to your current event planning solution, it is a good option to consider. If you are hesitating to adopt a special device only for a check-in, first check whether your online registration system or event management tool provides a check-in feature with QR scanning. Summary: It can be an event planning platform suitable for a big festival or a crowded event that needs a fast check-in. However, if you don’t want to adopt a special device, consider mobile app solutions like Whova, which supports day-to-day check-in, session check-in, session capacity and attendance management on smartphones.

Many of the most popular event management apps focus on organizing your event and getting attendees to show up. Socio takes it one step further and offers gamification features to help ensure attendees are present and engaged once the event actually starts. After you create your event in Socio, you have the option to add “features,” which unlock additional planning, sharing, and engagement capabilities. You can choose from 14 features, like creating an agenda, adding speakers, or uploading documents. This is also where you’ll find Socio’s first gamification feature: the “Event Game.” This allows you to incentivize attendee actions by creating challenges and rewarding points when those actions are completed. For example, you could award 100 points to each attendee who connects with 15 other attendees via the app or award 25 points to everyone who checks in and receives your free gift bag. You can create as many of these challenges as you want and customize how many points to assign to each task. As attendees earn points, they can see their rankings in real time on a leaderboard. Find extra info on Event management software.

Other premium features you can make use of include customization options for personalizing the design of your calendar, integration with ecommerce tools like WooCommerce and PayPal, and the ability to accept bookings from your visitors. Some of the best premium plugins also give you the option of creating and managing multiple calendars for your website. Thankfully, with some very affordable plugins in this collection, you should be able to find a tool that matches your budget. Regardless of what type of calendar you need to add to your website or events you want to promote, you should find a suitable tool in this collection of the best event calendar plugins for WordPress.

If you’re running a serious WooCommerce booking site, going with a paid option is absolutely something you should consider. If this is a money-making endeavor, investing in a premium plugin could make the difference between success and failure. WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments is an end-to-end bookings solution made easy for business owners. It works really well with almost every business case that requires a booking system. Most importantly, this plugin integrates directly with Google Calendar. Read more info at https://medium.com/@webnus/best-event-management-software-list-2020-cd3edd861f7.