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Tadoba tiger safari guides

Tadoba tiger reserve is a fabulous safari destination. If you want to see diversified wildlife, to experience the fabulous smell of the forest, to relax in the wild , returning to human land origins. There are many national parks in India, here is some information on them and especially on Tadoba National Park.

Bandhavgarh is not the most accessible national park in India, but it has the best chance of seeing a tiger in the wild (also high on the list are Ranthambore in Rajasthan near Delhi, and Tadoba in Maharashtra). For those who are wanting to catch a bite of a big cat, it is well worth the effort to go there. If you allow two days for safaris, it is likely to be successful. Many people see a tiger on their first safari. See extra details at Tadoba resorts.

Open jeep vehicles can be rented for safaris. Alternatively, it is possible to use your own vehicle. However, anyway, you will need to take a local forest guide with you. In addition, there is an additional entrance fee of 1000 rupees levied on private vehicles. Reflecting the growing popularity of the reserve, admission fees were sharply increased in October 2012 and then increased again in October 2013. The cost of hiring Gypsies has also increased. Revised rates are: Entry fee: Rs. 750 per helper and Rs. 1,500 per minibus, Monday to Friday. 1,000 rupees per helper and 2,000 rupees per minibus on weekends and holidays.

Must have for a Tadoba tour : Do not take the largest and most strenuous travel bag, just because the airline you reach in India allows you. If you have domestic flights or even small and light aircraft flights between parks or reservations, make sure that these limits are different: maximum 20 kg on the flight to Zanzibar or 15 kg on the domestic flight to a park, if you plan to do so. Because storage spaces in cars or light aircraft are limited, soft travel bags or backpacks are preferred, not rigid material trolleys. We all had trolls and no one died, but I figured it would be easier otherwise. See extra info at https://tadoba-national-park-booking.com/.