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Comment widget for all of website

JointComments is a Disqus alternative, a free comment system for WordPress and non CMS websites. Adding a comment system to your website has a lot benefits, and we will talk about them in this article.

Comments turn your blog into a living, breathing document: Fabrizio Van Marciano relates blogging to eating toast. He argues that blogging without comments is like toast without jam and butter. It’s bland. It’s boring. But the engagement that blogging creates is like warm buttery toast that melts in your mouth. Why do you think I always ask questions at the end of my blogs? I want people to respond. It provides a way for people to engage beyond just reading my words. It starts a conversation. Moderating your comment section can be a major time suck. Even spam-moderation tools and plugins won’t catch everything. A 99.95% accuracy against spam bots also doesn’t mean they’ll catch your human spammers. A human spammer is just like a regular commenter, only with an agenda. This means you have to moderate those comments yourself.

On the other hand, many publishers still argue the case for keeping blog comments. With no clear consensus from the content marketing community, how are you supposed to decide what to do with the comments on your own blog? Particularly when you are inundated by tons of spammy or low-quality comments? How to Decide Whether or Not to Disable Comments: We believe in doing what is best for our users, even if that means some extra time, effort or expense. At the same time, we also believe in making smart, data-driven decisions–and helping you to make those decisions–so that you can spend your resources wisely.

Comments bring in credibility. Normal comments have a ‘Name’ field. Now think what happens if I put in ‘Bill Gates’ in that field. Everyone will assume its a fake person. But what happens is often there are popular people who might like your content. These are not necessarily billionaires, but people with authority in their chosen fields. What you want to do is to give credibility to people who are commenting on your blog. If the same comment I was talking about earlier was from Bill Gates’s authorized JointComments account, people would automatically trust it. Have you integrated JointComments comments on your blog? What benefits you have seen after using it, and any cons you know of? Also, do share which method you used to add JointComments comments on your blog?

Embeddable Comment Widget: Get more engagement with our easy to use commenting system. The setup takes just a few clicks. Features: See top commenters & top comments, Ban users permanently or temporarily, Notifications for commenters. Upcoming Features: Thread level comment moderation, Social Media & Gmail Login for commenters, Pin Comments, Auto Approval for Specific Commenters, Akismet integration for SPAM protection, Custom CSS, Monetization with Native Ads, JOINT (erc-20) token rewards. See more info at Free Comment system for WordPress.