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Best 10 eSports teams

Let’s talk about : Top 10 eSports teams in 2019 and other esports news. eSports are a huge money industry this days and you will stunned by the amounts esports players make.

Harrison “psalm” Chang is our fourth Fortnite player on the list, who earned just under $1.82 million with his performances throughout 2019. Psalm, who is a member of Counter Logic Gaming made his presence in 2019 known with his second-place finish at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup – Solo where he earned $1.8 million. Besides his incredible run at World Cup, the 24-year-old also finished 20th at Fortnite Secret Skirmish Series 2019 ($10,000) and fourth at TwitchCon 2019 – Fortnite – Wave 3 ($3,000), while the majority of the remaining earnings came from Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. Find more details on Top 10 eSports Players 2019.

The goal of the program is to build a roster of 60 competitive gamers. The Director of Esports and the Athletic Director will determine which games best fit the Michigan Tech esports program. The school is currently renovating a space a space in the Student Development Complex as a dedicated sports arena. The facility will include gaming computers, a competition viewing space, and space to live stream competitions. Michigan Tech Director of Athletics Suzanne Sanregret said, “I’m very excited to offer students another way to make gaming a supported part of their Michigan Tech experience. Competitive gaming requires an inclusive environment where all feel welcome, and that will be at the forefront of our recruitment strategy. We’re eager to begin.”

“To me, putting that together and marrying them and having the students walk through the activities, it mirrors all the kids on campus. It gets them out of their dorm room. Because they’re playing this in their dorm rooms. Now they have to walk through the gym, walk through the campus, come upstairs and be integrated with all the sports,” Courtley-Todd said. The STU team currently has 10 members, with a practice space equipped for 17 players. The team will compete in League of Legends, and merit scholarships are available depending on the team member’s level of play. While STU does not have a formal game design program, the school does offer a BS in Computer Science.

Cooler Esports are one of the lesser-known esports organizations in the scene, but much like it was the case with Sentinels, Cooler Esports made their way on the list solely due to the success of their Fortnite players. Their two members Emil “nyhrox” Bergquist and David “aqua” Wang won the Fortnite World Cup Finals – Duo event which earned them a grand total $3 million. Their World Cup winnings alone made up slightly over 85% of Cooler Esports 2019 winnings. Find additional details on Top 10 eSports Teams 2019.

Drawn into Group C of the four groups in the opening stage, they made light work of their opponents, defeating mantis FPS 2-0 in their opening game and then in the winner’s match, they confirmed top spot in the group with an equally convincing 2-0 win over Mock-It Esports. Those results earned them a seeded spot in the quarterfinals of the Playoffs and it was here that G2 had their first real hiccup of the tournament as they surprisingly lost the opening map to Spacestation Gaming. However, the team bounced back to claim the second two maps 7-3 and 7-5 to win their quarterfinal 2-1 and set up a semi-final with the surprise package of the tournament, Team Reciprocity.

The esports industry is a phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing down. Professional sports tournaments are filling huge stadiums worldwide, while millions of viewers tune in at home to watch the best players battle it out in their favorite games. As more investments are made, sponsorship budgets increase and more developers push an esports agenda, the industry continues to climb from strength to strength – even sporting giants such as Formula 1, FIFA and the NFL are getting involved. Visit: https://www.onlineesports.com/.