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Road transport lawyer and clandestine entrants fine

Road haulage lawyers and DVSA investigations? Has your truck or load been seized by the UK authorities? Securing the return of your vehicle or load will involve complex legal wrangling. Strict time limits apply and, if the truck isn’t recovered, the authorities can legally sell or destroy the vehicle. At Smith Bowyer Clarke, our transport lawyers specialise in reclaiming vehicles and loads seized and impounded by the UK Border Force, HMRC, Police and DVSA. You can find some of our recent vehicle and load recovery cases here. The procedure for reclaiming a seized vehicle or load will depend on the reasons for the seizure and which UK enforcement agency seized your vehicle.

Interviews under caution are one of the primary tools used by the Police and DVSA (formerly VOSA) to gather evidence against you or your business, either for the purpose of a possible Public Inquiry or criminal investigation. Importantly, just like police officers DVSA examiners have the power to conduct formal interviews under caution. Your response to requests for interview and your conduct in interview forms one of the essential tools in preparing your answer to any allegations of misconduct or infraction. Smith Bowyer Clarke have solid expertise in representing clients both in the Police Station and in DVSA interviews under caution. We have often found that the correct approach in interview is the decisive key to a positive conclusion in front of the Traffic Commissioner or in the Criminal Courts.

Welcome to Smith Bowyer Clarke. We provide, simple, straightforward, and practical legal solutions to all your transport problems. The road transport industry is one of the most heavily regulated in Europe, and can often appear confusing. That’s why you need a law firm that knows the industry inside out. Many of our lawyers are CPC accredited Transport Managers, and have an insight into the practicalities of running a compliant road transport business. Smith Bowyer Clarke are firmly on the side of the Operator and Driver – We do not prosecute for the CPS or the DVSA. Read even more info at dvsa investigations.

It is quite common for an unsatisfactory maintenance inspection to result in both you and your drivers being interviewed under caution by the DVSA. This is their opportunity to quiz you about any potential offences that may have come to light from an inspection of your records. These could include suspected tachograph offences, maintenance failings, use of unauthorised operating centres, and anything else they think they have identified. Your transport lawyer will be able to contact the DVSA to try to find out what their concerns are, assist you in preparing for your interview and be present with you throughout to advise and ensure your rights are protected.

During an operating centre inspection, the DVSA / VOSA will want to analyse your tachograph records and may want to download data from your vehicles and from the driver cards. If tachograph offences are found, the operator can expect to be interviewed under caution about them. Following the interview, the inspection officer will compile a report of their findings. Depending on the seriousness of any tacho infringements found, the operator may be prosecuted, or called to Public Inquiry with the Traffic Commissioner. For more information, speak to one of our specialist transport defence lawyers today. Discover even more info at Transportation Lawyer.